Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 25: X-Men First Class

This week was X-Men First Class.  Another superhero movie.  Have you noticed how many have come out recently?  Marvel is making a killing this year.  Just like last week with Thor, I expected to like this but wasn't expecting to enjoy it quite so much.  Although, I thoroughly enjoyed all the other X-Men movies I've seen so I'm not sure why its such a surprise.

This movie was a prequel to the other X-Men movies.  It was about how they all started.  I wish I remembered more of the other movies so it all made a little more sense but you didn't really need to know it all in order to enjoy this movie.

I thought all the actors were good.  I thoroughly enjoyed James McAvoy playing Charles Xavier.  I can't really place him in another movie but I liked him.  The other people were good too.  I really enjoyed seeing what each character's special power was.  I think that's part of X-Men that I like so much.  Kevin Bacon was a surprisingly good bad guy.  Oh, and I loved the 5 second cameo with Hugh Jackman.

I would highly recommend this movie.  Very entertaining.

To Sum it up: Good characters, very entertaining and a lot of action. 

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