Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 26: Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher was the movie for this week.  I have to admit I was a little more disappointed than Deb for this movie.  I wasn't expecting this movie to be great but I thought it would be funnier.  It turns out I was more annoyed with the characters than anything.

I generally like Cameron Diaz in most movies.  She usually plays characters that are easy to like.  For this one, not only did I not like her character but I was a little disgusted.  Okay, maybe disgusted is too strong of a word.  I'll go back to the word annoyed.  I was annoyed with her selfishness and annoyed with the absurdity of the story line.  I mean really, what teacher would get away with acting like her character did?  Does this mean I'm getting old?  I can't laugh at this kind of stuff anymore?  Maybe so. 

And I'm usually a fan of Justin Timberlake too.  Even he fell short for me.  The only character I thought was decent was the one played by Jason Segel.  He had a little more genuine quality to him even if he didn't have much chemistry with Cameron Diaz.  Lucy Punch's character was okay.  Dare I say, slightly annoying.

Overall the absurdity of this story should have been overshadowed by the humor.  It just wasn't for me.  I guess my funny bone wasn't working as well as Deb's for this week.

To Sum it up: Good actors who should have been funny but just plain...annoying.

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  1. I liked your review for this one. I haven't seen the movie but I laughed at your description.