Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bonus Review: Horrible Bosses

Okay, so while Tiff was on vacation in Montana, I took my hubby to the cinema suites for a date night. we say "Horrible Bosses". I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Jason Bateman, and he was sort of the reason I thought this would be funny. There are some other great names in this movie too, Kevin Spacey, (the freakazoid boss) Jennifer Aniston (Sexual Harrassment Boss)Jason Sudeikis( he's from Overland Park by the way, disgruntled employee) , Charlie Day (another disgruntled employee), Colin Farrell(Druggy Boss)Jamie Foxx (hit man) and Donald Sutherland (nice boss).

Basically three friends all hate their bosses and decide they are going to kill them. Yet...they aren't killers and really don't want to be. This movie reminded me of a "hang over" kind of movie. One thing leads to another and it all turns into a mess, yet comes out ok in the end. I think what I really liked was the way the three friends played off eachother. Jason Bateman is so straight laced, flat humored, Charlie Day was like the hyper chihuahua and Jason Sudeikis a mastermind unconfident guy.

It may have been the company, the mood, the cinema suites, but I just thought the whole thing was funny and entertaining. No real emotional stuff, just plain old comedy from an almost impossible situation.

All in all, a good date movie! Take your man and enjoy some laughs.

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