Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week 27: Midnight in Paris

Well, we went a little different this week. We were headed to one movie and ended up at "Midnight in Paris". We were on our way to a different movie, and on a last minute whim I took a look at the cast/crew of this one, noticed Woody Allen directed/produced it (which I don't like Woody Allen's style) but decided the main actors were people and liked and maybe would branch out a bit.

The movie takes place in Paris, today, however, at midnight the main character, a up and coming writer, played by Owen Wilson...goes back in time to his Paris 1920's. He feels that life in the 20's in Paris is where all the best literature, writing and art happens. He is engaged to a high class, snotty woman, played by Rachel McAdams, who is stifling his dreams and finds refuge in the traveling to the past. More importantly he keeps running into all the great artists of that era. So, Okay, I am bad at history and especially when you add the arts, so although I knew the names, didn't necessarily catch all the humor. (I am guessing...since, I didn't know)

The movie was sort of quirky. Like most Woody Allen films I have seen, I wasn't impressed with the development of characters/relationships. They seem sort of weird and unsettling to me, however, due to the quirkiness of this movie, the relationships short of fell into place as necessary.

I need to mention as well, that the supporting actors in this film actually allowed me to enjoy it more. Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams were good, but the trueness of the other characters were better.

Overall, the movie was....charming.

See you next week!

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