Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week 31 "Crazy Stupid Love"

Week 31 hit the spot!! I was in the mood for something funny, something that would capture my emotions, something leaving me longing for more. "Crazy, Stupid Love" was out choice and it was exactly all of that and more!

This movie stars Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianna Moore and Emma Stone. I am having a hard time putting into words exactly what I thought of this movie. After the movie I turned to Tiff and said "yes, that is what I wanted to see, it's nice to see something I really liked again for a change"

It seems like a lot of movies lately have been leaving me questioning if maybe I liked movies so much in the past because I didn't go once a week. This movie made me a believer again!

Ok, so Steve Carell was super funny, he played a somewhat serious role, but his sense of humor was perfect. Ryan Gosling was impressive. I mostly remember him from "the Notebook" (which I loved) and this time his character was different, but still got me all tied up in knots. Emma Stone and Julianne Moore played their parts well. I was super impressed with Emma Stone and excited to see her in "The Help". Another note worthy actor was Jonah Bobo. He cracked me up! Reminded me of my 11 year old son.

Basically the movie had me laughing, it captured that whole "falling in love" feeling, sucked me in to the whole emotional rollercoster of love, life and marriage, and was touching in a happy way. I am sure it only proves I am a little dysfunctional that I liked this movie so well, but it was definately what I needed!

All in all, I would say take your spouse, laugh, fall in love again and remember to not take another day for granted! See you next week. P.S. I don't feel like I can tell you exactly what it is about without giving too much just go!

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