Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 30: Captain America

Well, this week we ventured out with my husband and son in tow for "Captain America". Seems like this last few months has been the months of super hero/comic book character movies. I will remind you all that comic book movies are not my favorite so this opinion is already somewhat biased.

If you don't know the Captain America story I didn' follows Steve,a young man (played by Chris Evans), who is trying to become enlisted during World War 2. He tries over and over again but is always rejected due to his medical history and super small, scrawny size. Eventually a scientist is captured by his tenacity and accepts him into a training program, where eventually he is a science experiment and becomes a huge, lean, war machine. I must put in here, that the digital reconstruction of this character was pretty cool. He really did go from scrawny to big believably.

So, after he changes to the master of all humans genetically, he eventually must take down the "Red Skull". This whole part is where my lack of liking came in. He became a war hero, but I was turned off by the whole thing. I had to keep reminding myself it was a super hero, not a real war hero. The war scenes were cheesy and I wasn't real impressed with the whole outfit, superhero, save the day presentation when coupled with world war 2. I know it was fictional, but still, I was turned off.

As far as the actors go, I love, love, love Stanly Tucci. Tommy Lee Johns fit his part to a tee. Everyone else was ok...Haley Atwell played the main female role (this movie did not pass the Bechdel Test by the way). I looked up some her previous roles, I haven't seen any of the movies she has played in before, but am very interested in seeing how she does, I see high potential. She played in "The Duchess" which is a movie I missed but think I may go rent.

Anway, for all you superhero fans, coming from a non super hero fan...I thought the movie was ok, a little slow and slightly cheesy. Coming from my husband and son, who are super hero fans, It was a good movie, better than "Green Lantern", according to my husband, but not to my son.

All in all, the theatre was packed at 3:00 in the afternoon, and most seemed pretty satisfied. Oh, and I found out later..if you stay past the credits there is a trailer for the second movie. I didn't see it, but don't feel to bad about husband was bummed.

See you next week.

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