Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 29: Super 8

"Super 8" was our Movie this week. I was a little reluctant to go to this movie because I am really not a science fiction type of gal, as I have said before. Tiff talked me into it though, when I say "talked me into it" I really mean she said.."I really want to see Super 8" and I responded, "OK"! Not too much convincing.

So this movie told a story of a group of young teen (14 year olds I would guess) friends who are in the process of making a homemade movie for a contest. While filming they happen across a train accident that holds a military secret. The movie then centers around how these kids eventually get in the middle and what they must do to get out.

I was sort of thrown back to the movie "Stand by Me". Although this movie will more than likely not be that iconic, it held a lot of similarities. I was most impressed with the abilities of these actors. Young kids amaze me in their abilities on film. I found myself laughing a lot, touched by innocent discovery and amazed at how the young actors can bring out emotions almost better than adults. I would assume, it has something to do with youth!

Some of the actors in this film included Joel Courtney, who looks to be just getting started in the movie industry, Elle Fanning, who through-out the whole film looked familiar but I couldn't figure out who she was...she was good! Guess it runs in the family. Kyle Chandler played the deputy/dad. I have always liked him..I most remember him from his days on T.V. in "Early Edition" and then in the mini-
series "Band of Brothers". The other kids in the movie included some new names, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee (super funny!),Gabriel Basso (looks like he has done a handful of films) and Zach Mills (also with some movies under his belt).

All these kids had great chemistry, and I believed they truely were a group of kids who lived together in a small town and knew eachother for years.

Overall, I have to say this one was super enjoyable. Even the Sci-Fi was ok, a little bit "E.T." and little bit "Stand by Me". See you next week for the big 30!

I will get the winner of the movie tickets posted later this weekend!

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