Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 28: Monte Carlo

Sorry about the late post this week.  Vacation will do that to you.  We saw Monte Carlo for Week 28.  We saw this mainly because of my niece.  She was really excited about this movie.

This was sort of your classic teeny bopper movie that's really meant for girls ages 8-16.  But since I was a girl of this age once it worked.  Selena Gomez was the main actor in this movie.  She played a girl who takes a trip to Paris as a graduation present to herself.  While there she gets mistaken for a British socialite and takes over her life for a week.  Of course, she meets this guy who thinks she's the other girl and falls in love and then has to explain later why she lied about it.  Her sides kicks are played by Kate Cassidy (who I didn't recognize) and Leighton Meester.  Both good in their roles. 

Pretty classic really.  I feel like this type of movie has been made a million times but with slight variations.  But to be honest with you I still liked it.  It was fun and carefree and simple.  Makes you want to be a teenager again with no cares in the world.  And let me say my niece was beside herself with joy after the movie was over.  I guess I remember liking movies that much when I was young.  My mom would go with me and say it was cute.  I would get so mad at her for using that term.  Cute was for little girls.  Now I know how she feels.  I would probably say it was cute.  Oh the circle of life.

To Sum it up: Great scenery, fun plot and just plain cute.   

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