Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 32: The Change-Up

This week we saw The Change-Up.  We had the joy of seeing this movie with our hubbies.  A good one to see with them too.  This is definitely not a see with your mom type movie.  It's heavy on the swearing and nudity.  There was potty humor galore.  Basically this was right up Russ's alley.

All the previews pointed towards a good comedy but I'll tell you at first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it.  Ryan Reynolds character was awful at first.  Or maybe it was that Ryan Reynolds himself was awful at first.  Before the two changed places he acted more like a mentally challenged adult then the drug-doing irresponsible adult that he was suppose to portray.  Good thing that only lasted for a small part in the beginning.  After they switched places it was all good.  Super funny the whole way through.  Oh and did I mention nudity?  Lots of nudity.  Did I mention Russ liked it?

Jason Bateman was the other guy doing the switching.  He was good from beginning to end.  I absolutely love his humor and so far I have never been disappointed with him.  He was the perfect person for this character.  Loved him.

The two main female characters were Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde.  Both good but not a whole lot to their characters since it was mainly about the guys.  Although Russ would say they played a major part beings as both of them were naked at some point.  Did I mention Russ...oh never mind.

I would say if you get offended easily don't see this one.  If you don't then be prepared to laugh continuously throughout the movie.  Don't tell anyone but Russ said he thought this was better than The Hangover.  *gasp*

To Sum it up: A lot of profanity, a lot of skin and dirty, dirty humor. 

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