Tuesday, August 16, 2011

week 33 "The Help"

We have been waiting to see this movie since we read the book. I was pretty excited as the book was good, and I felt a movie could probably capture everything it needed to make the movie as good. As usual, the movie wasn't as good as the book...Movies just can't get all the fun details, and I like details! However, this movie was better than most about getting close to the book.

I think the thing that really made it for me was that the characters in the book pretty much matched the movie characters. Sometimes the movie characters are just so off I can't get into it, this time I was not disappointed.

Emma Stone did a great job as Skeeter. Bryce Dallas Howard did a great job as Hilly, and I actually found myself more intrigued with Ceclia's role because I liked how Jessica Chastain played her. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were the real winners for me though. I felt like I was walking through the book with their characters. KUDOS!!!

For anyone who hasn't read the book, or seen the movie yet, this is truly an inspiring story. I will say, the book will "close up" the story a little but better than the movie did. Everything ends as it should with no real questions...the movie left a few loose ends.

Great movie for all. My 14 year old daughter even said she liked it pretty well, and she is a hard one to please. See you next week.

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