Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 32: The Change up

Well, the Change Up was our movie this week. We took our husbands and made it a date night. Knowing Ryan Reynolds, and Jason Bateman I knew this movie was going to be borderline offensive. Luckily, neither Brian or I are easily offended, and find things rather funny more often..so...we were ready for a good date night!

As Tiff said, (usually I don't read her posts before I post, but this time I did for some reason) this movie had a lot of crude humor, vulgar words, sex, and nudity. I am beginning to believe may be a standard for many men! The saving grace of the vulgarity was that it was funny to me. Ok, as usual, some unnecessary indecencies, but all in all funny.

The character's changing places was a little distracting to me at first because I kept kind of forgetting they were suppose to be the other person. I do really like Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman and their over the top humor. They did perfect in these roles.

Leslie Mann seemed to play the main female character, and I remember from past movies that she wasn't always so impressive, but this time she did good. I liked her portrayal as the wife and enjoyed her quick wit. I think it's her voice that gets me sometimes....

I think the main thing I liked about the movie, was behind the crude humor was a message that was important. A lesson was taught in the mix of the laughing and craziness, and I always think that is an important part of any movie I am going to pay and see. Ok, so sometimes just going and laughing is a lesson in itself, but this time the movie actually had a lesson.

I would say, see this movie with your bestie or your hubby/significant other, and be prepared to not be offended..it will make the whole experience even funnier.

See you next week

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