Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 34: 30 Minutes or Less

Well, this week was not the greatest. We went and saw 30 mintues or less, and I would have to say the "less" is the correct. The movie is about a guy who is pretty much not doing anything with his life, he gets kidnapped, a bomb gets strapped to him and he has 24 hours..(so why the 30 minutes!?!?!) to rob a bank and get the kidnappers their money.

The two kidnappers were played by Danny McBride (he also played in "Your Highness", another movie we were not impressed with if you recall from week 15)and Nick Swardson (there was a preview before the movie this week with him in looked kindof weird stupid too) Anyway, they ruined the show for me. Their characters were dumb, raunchy and immature (granted they were suppose to be, but really??? beyond the calling)

The main guy, played by Jesse Eisenberg, was better, but he was kind of odd-weird. He was sort of funny, sort of immature, and sort of lost. Mediocre to bad for what he is capable of. His best friend, played by Aziz Ansari...cracked me up. If it wasn't for him, I would have completely hated the show. Granted, the whole premise of the show could have made a good comedy. There were just too many stupid parts that ruined it for me.

I decided as I sat there watching the movie, my age is definately showing. I think the 18 year old men of the world probably would love this show. Why, I wonder, do I feel that way?? I think it's the new humor of that generation...(the 18 year old men generation) "Your Highness" had the same stupid humor, that wasn't real funny, and was sort of confusing...I think 18 year old men would like that movie too...Hey, I am not bashing on the 18 year olds of the world, just saying...I am not 18 anymore, and I never was a man soooo...not the most enjoyable movie.

All in all, don't waste your money or your time, there are so many better things to do then see this maybe take out the trash, do the laundry, or walk the dog....

See you next week!

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