Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 36: Warrior

Ok! Just got home from seeing our weekly movie "Warrior" I have to say one thing first..if you don't read any other part of my review read this...THIS MOVIE TOTALLY ROCKED, it was like "Rocky" on steroids. (and if you are too young to know about Rocky ask your parents.)

So, we went to a prescreening of this movie tonight, thanks to our AMC Stubs reward card it was free. Granted, it was a movie I had been interested in seeing, but never believed I would put it in my top 5 of movies I have seen this year. Yes, it is right up there with "The Help" and "The Kings Speech"

If you haven't seen anything about this movie a general summing up of the movie: Two brothers, a broken home, an alcoholic father, a supportive yet concerned wife, supportive manager and MMA (mixed martial arts) tournament. Yep, everything a good story is made of!

So, I don't even want to give any details past what you will see in previews, so I won't. I will tell you about the actors..Nick Nolte--great job! Fit the part of the recovery alchoholic father perfectly. Joel Edgerton, one of the brothers...he was goooood. He was touching, lovable, likeable and good looking. Tom Hardy, the younger brother. He was dark, mysterious, moody, and quite muscular. Jennifer Morrison..brought the female role to the picture. She played the wife well and as a woman you could relate. Frank Grillo-supportive manager- I loved this guy. He was inspirational, believable and made me want to train for a marathon!

Why did I like this movie so much? It had everything I love about a good movie...the emotion, the relationships, the competition and the edge of your seat action. I loved that the main characters were not the super movie stars everyone has seen, but under the radar kind of actors. I loved that I didn't know the ending, and it ended just like it should.

What else can I say. GO SEE IT! Take your spouse, take your friend...take your sister. I can't imagine you would be disappointed! Did I forget to mention...I loved this movie!!

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